Storie Di Stile

My first press trip



Tomorrow i will be catching an early flight to Milaan so today it’s all about preparations!
I’ve got an awesome itinerary so i’ll be in Milan saturday first thing in the morning and i am leaving monday at the end of the day.

First: what to wear? The weather doesn’t look so good… Unfortunately the predictions say it will be really hot but cloudy and a chance of rain. A lot of rain. Hot stormy summer showers…. so i need to be double prepared! Oh well, i’ll just bring as many as possible 😉 send me a present for my trip and i already love it! It’s so handy for travel bloggers like me. This superselfiestok gives you the chance to make amazing selfies without any help.

I can hardly wait for my adventure to start and i am so thankful for this amazing opportunity!! Stay tuned at