The Foodie List

What is this show about?
13 different cities around the world.
The coolest foodies in town.
Typical dishes and authentic cuisine.
Hotspots you need to visit when you get there.
Mouth-watering television, fun facts and cool things you probably didn’t know.
During these 13 episodes The Foodie List will show their viewers the uniqueness of a dining experience in each of the 13 cities they visit. With The Foodie List, we will discover the most iconic, colorful and avantgarde dishes through the eyes of food experts, journalists, food bloggers, chefs and foodies.

The series will be broadcasted on the Canadian travel network Evasion which has 2.000.000 viewers per week! And the whole serie will be distributed by Lagardere Groupe in Europe and Asia which means they will also be broadcasted on Discovery and National Geographic!

Our first stop:
Hotel V – The Lobby – Wentelteefjes.