The Foodie List

Day two of The Foodie List.
Today we filmed a tipical Dutch snack: Ossenworst. And ofcourse we had an icecold local beer with it from Brouwerij ‘t Ij. Slagerij de Wit at the Wakkerstraat in Amsterdam East is known for it’s ossenworst. They probably have the best.

For dinner we went to Bolenius and the served us fancy Dutch haute cuisine appetizers and a very special chicken soup. I really recommend this place if you are looking for a fancy dinner experience.

The Foodie List: What is this show about?
13 different cities around the world.
The coolest foodies in town.
Typical dishes and authentic cuisine.
Hotspots you need to visit when you get there.
Mouth-watering television, fun facts and cool things you probably didn’t know.

The series will be broadcasted on the Canadian travel network Evasion which has 2.000.000 viewers per week! And the whole serie will be distributed by Lagardere Groupe in Europe and Asia which means they will also be broadcasted on Discovery and National Geographic!